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Taylor North returns with more information about the Central Coast

Aug 16, 2016

Returning to Real Estate Radio Live is Taylor North from San Luis Bay Realty. Today Taylor and host Joe Cucchiara will discuss several topics about these beautiful beach towns that make the Central Coast an ideal place to buy.

Specific topics include:

  • Update on the Kingfisher Canyon homes by BDC Developments in Avila Beach
  • Price ranges for condos, luxury homes and everything in between
  • Lifestyles and small town amenities around San Luis Bay
  • Avila Beach and Pismo Beach inventory
  • Is the Central Coast a buyers or seller’s market?


Joe discusses the Central Coast lifestyle with Taylor North and Rick Loughead

Jul 14, 2016

Today Joe Cucchiara discusses Central Coast living with San Luis Bay Realty’s Taylor North and Rick Loughead, Founder of BDC Development. At the beginning of the show Joe finds out about Rick’s decision to settle down in the Central Coast and start BDC Development before asking him to fill us in on the final phases of the Avila Beach, Kingfisher Canyon and Pismo Beach developments. Taylor then reminds us of the Central Coast lifestyle which is graced with a temperate climate and a seemingly endless amount of outdoor activities. They also discuss why this area is great as an investment or retirement property, Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa, as well as price ranges and home variations (that are a fraction of the price of other beach communities).


Joe gets a Central Coast update from San Luis Bay Realty’s Taylor North

Jul 6, 2016

Taylor North from San Luis Bay Realty calls in again with more news for Joe Cucchiara about the Central Coast. Taylor will share some updates about the newly completed home developments in Pismo and Avila Beach and their stunning ocean views. He also tells us about the lifestyle which boasts an active outdoor community that is a 3-hour drive from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Other topics Joe will ask about include:

  • Nearby communities
  • Central Coast summer activity, around the community and in the market
  • Influx of people buying second homes Avila Beach amenities
  • Avila Beach amenities
  • Diversity in homes and lifestyles

Taylor also responds to texts from Steve in San Jose about inventory levels and to Lisa in Saratoga about opportunities to buy land and build.


Joe discusses central coast summer activity with San Luis Bay Realty’s, Taylor N.

Jun 2, 2016

Returning to Real Estate Radio Live this week is Taylor North of San Luis Bay Realty. Over the course of today’s show, Joe and Taylor will discuss the activity surrounding the central coast this summer beginning with the new homes in Kingfisher Canyon by BDC Development and homes for sale in Pismo and Avila Beach. Taylor informs us about restrictions designed to keep the city from over developing and the high rental market which makes this a great area for investors. He also tells us about several upcoming events such as the macaroni and cheese festival, the Pismo Beach car show and the July 4th fireworks at Pismo Pier.


Joe discusses new developments in San Luis Obispo County with Taylor North

May 19, 2016

Today Joe Cucchiara is focusing on the central coast with Taylor North, an agent from San Luis Bay Realty and Jeff Loughead, Co-Owner of BDC Development. At the top of today’s show, Jeff will talk about new developments in the area that digress from the typical cookie cutter home and how they tailor each home to its unique site. He also tells us how the homes blend indoor and outdoor living with easy maintenance in mind. Our guests than spend the rest of the hour discussing the lifestyles and amenities enjoyed by people in Avila Beach and the surrounding areas. Taylor also responds to a listeners’ text about condos and town homes available in San Luis Obispo County.


Joe discusses Central Coast living with Taylor North and Julie Cucchiara of San Luis

May 5, 2016

Today Joe Cucchiara looks at what is going on around the central coast with Taylor North and Julie Cucchiara from San Luis Bay Realty. Taylor and Julie tell us about the natural beauty surrounding Avila Beach and its convenient proximity to San Luis Obispo and other large cities. They then talk about BDC Development and the properties they have crafted around the area. Also in discussion today:

  • Upcoming activities in surrounding areas
  • Current and impending listings
  • Development options
  • Climate and amenities that make the central coast attractive
  • Price ranges and home value